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Adams Advantage

The Adams Advantage

The Adams Advantage

  • Only 100% authentic halal by hand premium meats
  • We are proudly certified halal by the Canadian Halal Food Certifying Agency (CHFCA). View our certificate here.
  • Adams certified organic halal chicken slaughtered and processed in a CSI certified facility
  • All the animals we use are halal, ethically raised and cage free
  • Adams halal premium meats comes from either Federally inspected or Provincially inspected facilities.
  • Halal Beef and Halal Chicken are locally grown and free run
  • Halal Goat and Halal Lamb come from both New Zealand & Australia and are free run and naturally raised as well
  • The animals we used are all raised without antibiotics, hormones or growth steroids
  • Our ABF and Organic halal chicken are raised without the use of antibiotics
  • All halal meats are frozen and vacuum sealed in ultra-convenient and protective bags
  • Real air-chilled halal chicken. No water-chilling that increases your cost and decreases quality
  • Thaw, prep, cook and your ready to go
  • Halal purity maintained from harvest to delivery
  • Easily and securely shop from your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can order online for delivery or in store pick up.

Adams Vacuum Packaging

Adams utilizes the latest in Frozen Vacuum Sealing technology which helps to:

  • Preserves maximum freshness, locks in natural flavour and provides a superior level of protection from contamination
  • Easy to identify; All bags are clearly labeled
  • Compact packaging; store more meat in less space

Stop Paying For Water! The Air-Chilled Advantage

Why is Adams Air-Chilled Halal Chicken superior?

  • Chicken in most grocery stores is usually water chilled before processing because it is the cheapest option available to business, not the best
  • Chicken can sit in water for long periods. Meat can absorb significant percentage of its weight in water. YOU are paying for the water weight!
  • Misleading ‘Air-Chilled’ claims are made by some companies that use high pressure cold water (often containing salt and chlorine) to cool the chicken, and then briefly pass it through chilled air
  • Absorption and release of water can potentially wash out flavour and nutrition
  • Air-chilling helps preserve quality, flavour, nutrition and freshness

Cooking tip: Don’t overcook air-chilled chicken. Cook until the temperature reaches 74C (165F) for pieces or 82C (180F) for a whole chicken.

Adams Understands

At Adams, we understand better than most retailers the importance of authentic, hand slaughtered meat to Muslim consumers. It is important to protect the meat from contamination from non-halal sources during storage, handling and transport. Adams takes every reasonable precaution to ensure the meat we provide to our customers is of the highest quality and adheres to strict halal requirements accepted worldwide.

Let Us Do The Legwork!

How much is peace of mind worth? Adams takes the guesswork out of your purchase decision. Don’t settle for what’s left on the store shelf. Adams offers only premium 100% hand slaughtered meats. Feel confident in the quality and purity of the meat you serve to family and friends.

Save time and effort. Adams meats are vacuum sealed in convenient 1 pound or single portion packaging and brought to your doorstep. No more separating meat into smaller bags before freezing. You’re busy enough and Adams can help you make the most of your precious time.

Save money. Skip the trip to the store and save your gas. No need to buy plastic bags to separate the meat you buy. No impulse buying just because you’re at the store. And since all our chicken is air-chilled, you don’t pay for the added water weight common in most other chicken. Plus, our vacuum sealed meat is good for a minimum of 1 year in the freezer, so you don’t need to worry about wasted food. Use only what you need, when you need it.

Save your health. Often when buying halal meat at the butcher, there is a serious risk of cross contamination based on the butcher’s handling practices. In many cases, your meat is bagged and handed to you without the person taking any sanitary precautions. We’ve all done the ‘how do I hold this bag dance.’ Your bag and its handles are covered in raw meat juices. Adams meats are vacuum sealed and labeled.