Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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“Being in the fitness industry and a busy mom to 4 energetic boys the quality of food that I put on the table and in our mouths means a lot to me. I want to feel at ease knowing my halal meat is truly halal, raised ethically from start to finish. Adams Natural Foods not only allowed me to make this dream a reality but now I feel at ease knowing my growing sons are not exposed to hormones and steroids. Ordering from their website is very quick and easy! The most amazing part is no need to go anywhere they deliver straight to your door! Adams’ meat comes vacuum sealed to lock in the freshness and flavour….oh man that flavour! I place monthly orders with Adams Natural Foods and after trying a few other places and finding tasteless, unnaturally over-sized frank-a-chicken, I couldn’t and wouldn’t feel right buying anywhere else. Adams Natural Foods has the best combination of quality meat at a fair price. They not only make it aware to me that they value me as a customer by offering amazing biweekly sales but also listen to my requests for added products!

Adams Natural Foods is my #1 in Organic, ethically raised meat from East to West of the GTA.

Adams Natural Foods has exceptional service, packaging, and of course the quality and taste of the meat is always 100%. Which is why I will always go back for more. I will never buy my meat from anywhere else. The chicken is succulent and juicy, always fresh and delicious. All meat I have bought has been of such high quality. I couldn’t be happier. And I can definitely taste the difference if I eat supermarket shelf products now. I couldn’t recommend Adams Natural Foods enough.”

Natasha Laban
Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness and Nutrition Expert
Move N Improve

“As a busy mom of three, the last thing I wanted to do each month was get meat at the meat shop and package it at home. I absolutely loathed it.

Now with discovering Adams Natural Foods, getting meat for the family has turned into a very convenient and surprisingly delightful experience. And when the meat tastes this fresh and delicious, I can say with confidence I’m never going back to my old way of buying meat.”

Nusaybah A

“I have been a customer of Adams Natural Foods for about four months. I love all the products that I have purchased. The delivery is fast and convenient. the meat is well packaged and priced.”

Zulfa R

“I have been a regular customer for over a year and I am more than satisfied. It feels good to know that I am feeding my family good quality meat. The prices are comparable to my local grocery store, so it was easy to make the switch. I also prefer to support small businesses over large corporations. My favorite is the antibiotic free (ABF) split chicken wings. They are the perfect size and taste so good.”

Aisha W