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Smoked Chicken Breast Deli Meat

$ 6.95pack

Pack Size: 175g

100% Halal by Hand
No Added Antibiotics or Hormones
100% Air Chilled
Vacuum Sealed
Federally Inspected
100% Canadian
No artificial preservatives

Adams delicious smoked chicken breast deli meats are made from free run chickens raised without the use of antibiotics. And of course, contain no artificial preservatives.

Adams Naturally Raised Halal Chicken
All our halal chickens are ethically raised on modern farms where their water and feed quality are constantly being monitored by their dedicated farmers. 100% of Adams halal chicken comes strictly from Canadian farms, so you never have to worry about imported chicken from countries with different regulations and practices then what’s approved here.

All our halal chicken is processed in federally inspected plants in Canada and is 100% Air-chilled, which retains more flavour and has much better texture. According to a study by the University of Nebraska, air-chilled chicken contains 80% less bacteria then their water-chilled counterparts. As a result of the water-chilling process, the chicken can absorb a lot of the water solution, which may be mixed with salt and chlorine…NO thanks!

Our naturally raised Antibiotic Free chickens feed on a vegetable grain diet which consists of corn, wheat and soybean only and contains absolutely no animal by-products.